How It Works

Step Up Your Wallet Game!

Our unique vertical design simplifies the already straightforward minimalist wallet by making it easier than ever to access your cards. The GeoGrit wallet streamlines access to all your cards with the same simple thumb swipe you're used to making on your phone. Simply push up on the cards, and they’ll easily pop right out of the top of the vertical wallet.

Cash Strap vs. Money Clip

While cash straps are an incredibly low-profile option, money clips are stronger and offer a more classic aesthetic.
Our cash strap is a silicone-lined, elastic band wrapping around the backside of the GeoGrit wallet, designed to securely hold as few or as many bills as you need without worrying they’ll slide around or slip out.
The money clip option for the GeoGrit wallet is forged from ultra-strong spring steel, and designed to be thin and lightweight yet incredibly sturdy.

Setting Up Your GeoGrit Wallet

Let’s get down to business:

  1. Holds up to 12 cards.
  2. Multiple cards can be inserted at the same time or individually.
  3. Your most important or used card should be placed on top for easiest access.
  4. Place your second most used card at the back
  5. EMV chips should face the top of the wallet for maximum RFID blocking
  6. Push up through the thumb cut-out to access your cards.
  7. Fan cards with your opposite hand, or by pressing either lower corner of the wallet to spread.
  8. Slide back in and put in your pocket and go!

I’ve used other minimalist wallets but found those awkward to use when getting a card out. The GeoGrit wallet makes it much easier with a motion I already make on my phone every day. Love this wallet and it is the last one I’ll ever buy.

Chris, verified purchase

Thank You for Your Support

Needless to say, we’re proud of our product. And with your support, we are excited about the future to grow and invest in more products. Stay tuned to to find the latest information and releases. Spread the word about GeoGrit with #ShowYourGrit