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At GeoGrit, America isn’t just where we are, it’s who we are.

Our products are manufactured in the heart of small-town USA, but that’s not what makes us American-made. We know it takes more than just parts and machines to construct a truly American product; it requires putting our own to work.

It takes the grit of skilled American tradesmen to engineer quality goods proudly made in the USA. It’s in the resolve of the men and women who wake up early each and every day, ready to get back to the grind. The ones who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and take pride in putting in a hard day’s work.

Each product we supply is designed and crafted by hardworking Americans. We proudly source materials from the land of the free and assemble our goods on US soil. Because that’s what it means to be an American brand.

We stand by our commitment to manufacture products that you not only use and enjoy but that you’re genuinely proud to own.

Made here, made right.

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A concrete gray GeoGrit wallet sits in a small toolbox on top of various screws and bolts.