The Breakdown

Base/Bottom wallet card Credit card 3 Credit card 2 Credit card 1 Three credit cards slide out of a black carbon fiber slim wallet to illustrate the GeoGrit wallet’s ergonomic design.

Ergonomic Design

The GeoGrit wallet’s unique design makes it easier than ever to access your cards. Its vertical orientation allows you to access all of your cards with a single thumb swipe, unlike the cumbersome design of other minimalist wallets.

Theft Protection

The GeoGrit wallet’s aluminum frame naturally blocks the radio frequency emitted from an RFID-chipped credit card or driver’s license, protecting you from digital pickpocketers who use transmitters to obtain personal information.

Several credit cards stored inside of GeoGrit’s field green RFID-blocking minimalist wallet.
Concrete Gray GeoGrit slim wallet stamped with 'made in the USA.' Denim Blue GeoGrit slim wallet stamped with 'made in the USA.' Brick Red GeoGrit slim wallet stamped with 'made in the USA.'

Made In America

Each time you purchase a GeoGrit product, your support helps provide jobs for American workers. Our GeoGrit wallet is designed, manufactured, and shipped right here in the USA, so you can be genuinely proud to have it in your pocket.

The GeoGrit Wallet

Proudly made in the USA from the highest quality materials, the GeoGrit wallet is different. Designed to protect you from RFID theft and the elements, the GeoGrit wallet stands out from the crowd with its unique, vertical design and American craftsmanship.