Keep it Simple: The Best Gifts for Minimalist Moms

Keep it Simple: The Best Gifts for Minimalist Moms

Moms do so much. They take care of us, encourage us, and they always seem to know what to do. And on Mother’s Day, we do our best to give them a gift that’s almost as special as they are. 

But what do you get for a minimalist mom? 

Minimalists like to keep things simple. They’re not a fan of clutter, and extra things lying around is not what they want for Mother’s Day. 

Often the best gifts for minimalist moms aren’t things at all. And if you are going to give a physical item, you’ll want to stick with something that can help simplify their life, not add more to it. 

So, here are a few minimalist gift ideas the moms in your life are sure to love this Mother’s Day. 

A Cool Experience

One of the number one things you can give to a minimalist is an experience they’ll never forget. 

The experience you choose will depend on your giftee’s interests, of course, but anything from a day at the spa to swimming with dolphins to tickets for a concert is sure to be a winning present. 

Depending on the experience, you may want to get enough tickets to send her on her own, with a friend or two, or even with the whole family. 

If you need some inspiration, Xperience Days is a great place to start. Their site allows you to search for things like tours, wine tastings, and hot air balloon rides near you, and they even have an entire category that focuses on gifts for moms

Minimalist Wallet

Minimalist Wallet Geogrit

Another excellent minimalist mom gift is one that can make her life easier – like a GeoGrit slim wallet. 

Also known as a minimalist wallet, these efficient accessories are specifically designed to simplify life. They’re about the same size as a credit card and feature RFID-blocking technology, keeping personal information secure.

These nifty wallets hold up to 12 cards, come with a cash strap or money clip for your bills, and can easily fit in your front pocket or in a small purse to help keep things decluttered and organized

We encourage you to browse the entire selection of GeoGrit wallets to see which style you like best. They come in aluminum or carbon fiber and are available in seven different styles, so you’re sure to find one your mom will love. And the best part is, these wallets are backed by a lifetime guarantee, so she won’t have to worry about replacing her wallet ever again.

Consumable Gift Basket

If you want to hand your mom a physical gift on Mother’s Day but don’t want to give her something she’ll have to store or hold onto for a while, consider putting a “consumable gift basket” together for her. 

You can include anything you want in these baskets, so long as it’s something that can be used up. Things like food, self-care products, and disposable items are all fair game. 

You can make it a mishmash of little gifts, or you can give your basket a theme, and fill it with things like coffee, wine, movie night snacks, fruit, bath bombs, art supplies, a picnic kit, etc. The sky's the limit! 


Another great way to treat your mom on Mother’s Day is with a subscription to a service she can enjoy all year long. 

These days, there seems to be a subscription for everything… 

Whether your mom is into reading, self-care, cooking, coffee, wine or whiskey tasting, accessorizing, flowers, gardening, puzzles, movies, fishing, games, candles, art, music, fitness, learning, or something else altogether, you can bet there’s a subscription for it! 

We suggest checking out this list of subscription companies to help get you started. Subscriptions like meal kits, streaming services, and audiobooks are always great minimalistic options as they aren’t delivering “stuff” every month! 

Digital Photo Frame

Digital Frame - Generic Image

Most moms love seeing photos of their friends and family, but minimalist moms may not like having too many frames cluttering their walls. 

The perfect solution to this is a digital photo frame. These devices allow you to display hundreds of photos with only one frame by shuffling through uploaded images. 

You can set it up so that your mom can add her favorite photos, or you can allow the entire family to upload images so there are always new surprises. This works especially well if you live far apart, so your mom can keep up with what you and/or her grandkids have been doing.

There are tons of digital frames to choose from on Amazon, so you can select from different sizes and pick one that best matches your mom’s style.


Another minimalist gift idea for your mom is to buy her a membership to a local attraction that she can enjoy throughout the year. 

Whether that’s a class of some sort, a zoo or aquarium, an amusement park, a club, a museum she enjoys, a state or national park pass, or anything else, you’ll know your mom will put your gift to good use. You may even want to get a pass for the whole family to enjoy! 

We suggest starting with a quick search of all the local attractions near you to see which one your mom would be most interested in. If you’re as good a listener as she is, you may already know where she wants a membership! 

Wireless Charging Dock

If there’s one thing minimalists hate, it’s a jumble of knotted cords spilling over their desk or nightstand. 

An easy fix for this is a wireless charger that allows you to charge all your devices at once with one simple docking station. It’s a minimalist’s dream come true!

For a practical option, you may want to look at the Courant Belgian linen wireless charger and valet tray. This handy device comes in a multitude of colors and allows you to charge several devices at once. It also has a built-in tray to hold everyday carry items like sunglasses, jewelry, and wallets. 

For a slightly more decorative choice, check out Oakywood’s Triple Dock station. This aesthetically pleasing option can charge up to three Apple devices at a time and has an incredibly simple and minimalistic design.  


We all want to make our moms feel special on Mother’s Day. They do so much for us, and giving them a gift they’ll love is the least we can do.

But minimalistic moms are harder to shop for. They don’t like clutter, and efficiency is important to them. So, some of the best gifts for minimalist moms are either experiences or services, or items that will be efficient and help simplify their life. 

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