How to Celebrate Made in the USA Day

How to Celebrate Made in the USA Day

Ah, July. Perhaps the most patriotic month of them all, this is the perfect time of year for backyard BBQs, fireworks, and celebrating our independence. 

But did you know there’s another holiday just before the 4th of July that is also rooted in American pride and independence? 

“Made in the USA Day” encourages customers to shop for goods manufactured in the United States rather than those imported from outside the country. Not only does this help bolster the U.S. economy, but it also supports American businesses and the men and women who work for them. 

Keep reading to learn more about Made in the USA Day and how you can participate in this fun holiday.

What is Made in the USA Day? 

Made in the USA Day is observed every July as a way to remind Americans of the importance of shopping for locally-made products. 

The holiday is celebrated annually on July 2 – just before Independence Day, when patriotism is running extra strong. With more and more manufacturing happening overseas, the holiday is meant to encourage people to buy products made in the USA to help support American workers and businesses.

The holiday was first recognized in 1989 as part of Made in the USA Foundation founder Joel Joseph’s mission to encourage Americans to shop for made in the USA products as opposed to imported goods. 

Today, the holiday still seeks to boost the U.S. economy by putting a spotlight on American businesses and employees and raising awareness about the importance of supporting them. 

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Why Participate in Made in the USA Day?

So, why is it important to celebrate Made in the USA Day? 

For starters, supporting American-made products helps to create jobs and boost the economy. When we buy products that are made in the USA, we're supporting local businesses and workers – like you and me. 

Supporting U.S.-based companies can help to reduce our carbon footprint. When products are made overseas and shipped to the United States, they require a lot of energy and resources to move. By purchasing products that are made in the USA, we can help to reduce the amount of energy and emissions associated with transportation.

Additionally, buying American-made products can help to ensure that workers are treated fairly and paid a living wage. When products are made overseas, there is often less oversight and regulation in terms of working conditions and wages than in the U.S.

Finally, celebrating Made in the USA Day is a great way to show our national pride and support for our country. By supporting American-made products, we're investing in our own communities and helping to create a brighter future for all.

How to Celebrate Made in the USA Day

There are plenty of fun and easy ways to participate in Made in the USA Day. 

First, shop for products made in the USA! 

You can find everything from clothing and home goods to electronics and appliances that are made by companies right here in the U.S. You can even support local businesses and artisans who create handmade products by visiting a few nearby shops or farmer’s markets. 

You don’t even have to leave your house to find cool American-made products. There are plenty of U.S. businesses that sell their goods online – like GeoGrit – which allows you to support companies all across the nation! 

Another way to celebrate Made in the USA Day is to learn more about the manufacturing process and the craftsmen behind the products. Many companies offer factory tours or behind-the-scenes looks at their production facilities, which can be a great way to gain a deeper appreciation for the hard work and dedication that goes into creating the products we use every day.

Finally, you can share the importance of buying American products with your friends and family to help spread the word. Use #madeintheusaday to talk about this important holiday on social media, or grab a friend or two to do some local shopping!

If you’re not sure where to start in your search for products that are made in the USA, check out the USA Love List

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Made in the USA Day is an important reminder to support American-made products and the individuals who create them. By making a conscious effort to purchase American-made products and support local businesses, we can help to strengthen our economy and create a brighter future for all.

This year, be sure to celebrate by sharing the importance of supporting American businesses with your friends and family, and maybe even do a little shopping!

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