10 Unique Groomsmen Gifts They’ll Actually Like [2023]

10 Unique Groomsmen Gifts They’ll Actually Like [2023]

If you’re looking for a groomsmen gift list featuring goofy socks and initialed cufflinks, you’ve come to the wrong place. 

As nice as these thoughtful yet cliché gifts are, most men are never going to wear a pair of sunglasses stamped with the word “groomsman” ever, ever again. 

So, what sort of things can you give your wedding party that they’ll actually like? 

Unique groomsmen gifts are unexpected, fun, and something they will want to use again. Gifts like a quality etched lighter, a mystery tackle box, and an American-made minimalist wallet are all excellent choices for the occasion. 

Keep reading to see our top picks for unique groomsmen gift ideas they’ll be excited to receive. 

GeoGrit Wallet

Brick Red Geogrit Wallet

Wallets have been a classic groomsmen gift for years. That being said, we don’t know a lot of guys that want to carry a chunky leather billfold with your wedding date stamped on them. 

But that doesn’t mean you should throw out the wallet tradition altogether. We just recommend switching things up a bit with a more modern, EDC-style wallet they won’t want to pitch in the trash. 

The GeoGrit wallet is a minimalist wallet designed to be durable, protective, and low-profile. These lightweight wallets can be carried in your front pocket, feature RFID-blocking technology, and have a more ergonomic design than other slim wallets on the market. 

You can still customize these groomsmen gifts by choosing between seven different carbon fiber and aluminum wallet designs and adding either a cash strap or money clip to match each of your friend’s styles. 

And the best part about these handcrafted American-made wallets is that they’re backed by a lifetime guarantee, making them a gift that keeps on giving. This is one you’ll wind up gifting to yourself, too, so you’re not jealous of your friends! 

Customized Zippo Lighter

Customized Zippo Lighter

If you’re looking for a gift that’s both practical and customizable, a Zippo lighter is always a great choice. 

Zippo has taken the lighter world by storm with its high-quality, refillable, metal frames. Known for their “refined” look, these lighters are also incredibly durable, made in America, and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

Not only do these lighters already have hundreds of cool designs to choose from (they really do have something for everyone) but they also sell customizable options that can be engraved with a personalized message – a perfect groomsmen gift. 

You can get as crazy as you want with this one. Take a look at all they have to offer here!

Cocktail Smoker Kit

Cocktail Smoker Kit

Most men who drink whiskey already have a nice set of cocktail glasses. What they probably don’t have, however, is a smoking kit that allows them to infuse said whiskey or bourbon with a variety of smoked woods. 

This cocktail smoker kit from Aged & Charred comes with a butane torch, a smoking lid, and aged oak chips – everything you need to get started smoking whiskey-based cocktails for a robust added flavor. 

It takes the traditional whiskey-themed groomsmen gifts and puts a unique spin on it. Whiskey smoking is not only fun, but it also allows your friends to expand their cocktail game and maybe even take up a new hobby. And what better gift is there than that? 

Walton Wood Farm Solid Cologne

Walton Wood Farm Solid Cologne

Not all great groomsmen gifts are big or flashy. Sometimes it’s better to keep things simple with a thoughtful gift that reflects their personality without breaking the bank. 

Walton Wood Farm’s collection of solid colognes make excellent gifts for the men in your life. Not only do these portable cologne tins smell great, but each scent is named for a different personality, including “the outdoorsman,” “the musician,” “the redneck,” and “the gentleman” – there’s one for every man on your list. 

There’s a scent for everyone, too, with options ranging from warm whiskey and bourbon oak to citrus mahogany and cracked pepper mandarin. 

Because they’re travel-sized, these solid colognes are perfect for destination weddings or for groomsmen that are flying in for the occasion. Check out the collection of Walton Wood Farm solid colognes here

Autumn Woods Flask

Autumn Woods Flask

Most groomsmen gift lists feature a small, stainless steel flask with some sappy message etched on it (would you buy that for yourself?). Most of them don’t direct you to quality wooden barware with custom designs. 

Autumn Woods offers handcrafted wood flasks that come in a variety of styles, including American flags, campfires, trees, and mountains. Their flasks are made of cedar, walnut, cherry, and maple wood, and for every product sold, they plant a tree. 

Their flasks are also extremely customizable, allowing you to choose your wood, engraving, and accessories. You can even get flasks custom engraved with specific states and city maps. They also sell other wooden barware products like bottle openers and wine stoppers. You really can’t go wrong with this one. 

Fun Koozie

Fun Koozie

If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift for a fun-loving crew, one of the best groomsmen gift ideas is a funny koozie that will get everyone laughing. 

Puffin Drinkwear is the ultimate source for funny insulated drink holders. They’ve got koozies that look like everything from hoodies and T-shirts to life jackets, parkas, flannels, and sweaters – all designed to keep your drink cold and looking good. 

Puffin even sells sleeping bag koozies and wine holders. With so many options, you can pick ones that really reflect everyone’s personalities. No matter which koozie you choose, pair it with a beer or two, and you won’t get any complaints from your groomsmen. 

Viking Horn Beer Mug

Viking Horn Beer Mug

There’s not a man in the world who wouldn’t be excited to receive this gift: an authentic Viking-style horn beer stein, complete with a Medieval burlap sack and a Thor’s Hammer bottle opener. 

You read that right. These mugs are made from genuine buffalo horns sourced from produce farms and are handcrafted into 10-ounce drinking mugs with decorative etchings and a wooden base. 

These make good groomsmen gifts on their own, or you can grab a bottle of mead or two to enhance the experience. You can take a look at this set of four steins here, or you can browse some more Thor Horn products here

Themed Playing Cards

Themed Playing Cards

If your group of guys is into movies, music, or games, we’ve got the perfect gift for you. 

Theory 11 offers a wide variety of themed card decks. They’ve got everything from Star Wars, the Avengers, and Harry Potter to The Beatles, Jimmy Fallon, and Neil Patrick Harris – there’s something for every fan.

And these aren’t the gimmicky themed playing cards you’ve seen at your local dollar store. These premium cards are officially licensed and feature custom artwork, complete with detailed accents and embossing. They’re also made in America using high-quality paper stock. It’s a card set they can use for years to come. 

If you want to add a little more pizzazz to this one, throw in a couple of cigars from your local smoke shop or a bottle of their favorite bourbon, and your next poker night is made. Take a look at everything Theory 11 offers here

Damascus Steel Pocket Knife

Damascus Steel Pocket Knife

No groomsmen's gift list would be complete without a pocket knife. But, in the spirit of steering clear of the lame knives branded with your friend’s name or initials, allow us to introduce you to a knife they won’t be ashamed to carry: one made of Damascus steel. 

Aubey offers a variety of folding and fixed-blade Damascus steel knives that are not only beautiful, but highly durable and functional. Each knife has a unique handle and blade design, and there are plenty of options for every personality. 

You can see everything Aubey has to offer here. We promise this unique knife will go over better than any of the basic engraved options you’ll find elsewhere. 

Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box

If your crowd is the outdoorsy type, they’ll probably be more interested in receiving a gift they can use out on the water than anything else. 

A Mystery Tackle Box from Catch Co is the perfect gift for groomsmen as it takes away all the guesswork. All you have to do is choose the box that corresponds with the fish in your region, and voilà! 

Each box comes with a random variety of fishing baits and lures, along with some tips and tricks for catching the “big one.” It’s the perfect gift for fishermen of any skill level, plus it gives you an excuse to meet up for a fishing trip after the honeymoon. 


Geogrit Wallet is the best present for your groomsmen

While it sounds like a simple task, choosing gifts for the friends who are there for you on your wedding day is harder than it sounds. 

You asked your groomsmen to be part of your wedding for a reason – you obviously value their friendship and appreciate their willingness to stand beside you on this important day. So, skip the generic engraved bottle openers and choose one off this list they will actually use and enjoy. 

We hope these ideas help you find unique groomsmen gifts that fit your needs. If you’re interested in carrying or gifting a minimalist wallet that’s made in the USA, check out our entire collection at GeoGrit.com. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and follow our blog to keep up on all our latest content.
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