10 Best Gifts for College Students [2023]

10 Best Gifts for College Students [2023]

When a kid goes off to college, they go through a lot of change. And that includes the types of gifts they like to receive. 

Even though they probably still enjoy many of the same things they did in high school, their priorities are different now. And if you want to give them something they’ll truly appreciate, you’ll need a gift that will benefit them in this stage of life. 

The best gifts for college students are those that are fun and offer convenience or improve their quality of life in some way. Minimalist wallets, reusable notebooks, and meal kit subscriptions are some of the best things you can give to a college kid. 

Whether you’re looking for going away gifts for college-bound students or just a little something to remind them you care, here are 10 gift ideas that are sure to make them happy. 

Minimalist Wallet

Geogrit Wallet Photography

College textbooks are heavy. Combine that with a laptop, snacks, and a plethora of charging cables, and you’ve got a lot of weight to tote around campus. 

By far one of the best gifts for college students is a lightweight minimalist wallet. These wallets, also known as “slim wallets” or “backpack wallets,” are designed to take up as little space as possible while keeping your cards protected. 

The GeoGrit wallet is as small, durable, and ergonomic as it gets. Around the same dimensions as a credit card, these aluminum or carbon fiber wallets weigh 1.6 ounces and hold up to 12 cards. They also come with your choice of a cash strap or money clip for carrying extra cash. And the best part is, GeoGrit wallets are made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee. 

Not only do these low-profile wallets easily slip into your front pocket or backpack, but they also feature RFID-blocking technology that protects the personal information stored in cards from digital pickpockets with radio-frequency scanners – a crime that typically takes place in busy areas like a college campus. 

To provide your college student with a wallet that will hold their credit cards, student ID, and meal card without weighing them down, check out the GeoGrit wallet here 

Instant Coffee Chiller

Hyper Chiller Beverage Cooler Stock PhotographyIf there’s one thing all college students have in common, it’s a caffeine addiction. And it’s no wonder why. Trying to keep up with class, work, homework, club activities, internships, and friends is exhausting! 

Any student with an affinity for iced coffee will appreciate this patented HyperChiller beverage cooler (so long as they have a freezer). These handy chillers create cold coffee in one minute without watering down your drink with melted ice. 

To use the device is simple: all you have to do is pull the HyperChiller out of the freezer, pour hot coffee in, shake it, and voilà! Instant iced coffee. And the best part is it works on other beverages like tea, juice, and pre-workout, so even students who aren’t big coffee drinkers can enjoy it. 

Check out the HyperChiller beverage cooler here!

Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Pop Tent Bed

If there’s one universal fact about dorm rooms, it’s that privacy is basically non-existent. And whether you like your roommate or not, sometimes you just need a little space. 

If you want to give your college student the gift of alone time, consider buying them a Privacy Pop Bed Tent. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a pop-up tent that encompasses a bed for extra privacy and blocks out light for better sleep. 

These tents are also convenient in that you can easily put them up and take them down, or you can leave them on the bed and unzip the sides when you’re feeling sociable. There are several styles to choose from, all made for either twin beds or bunk beds – perfect for a dormitory. 

Check out the Privacy Pop tent selection for yourself here 

Upcycled Backpack

Upcycled Backpack - Green Guru Gear

This one may seem obvious, but it’s also a safe bet. Backpacks make great gifts to college students, and a high-quality upcycled backpack is an even better one. 

Green Guru Gear makes a variety of eco-friendly backpacks that are made in America using recycled outdoor gear like wetsuits and bike tubes. Most of their packs feature plenty of pockets and pouches, along with a separate laptop sleeve. 

If you’ve got an environmentally-conscious student who needs a bag to haul their books and snacks around in, a Green Guru Gear backpack will get the job done sustainably. Plus, with their colorful, unique appearance, these bags are a great conversation starter. 

Check out Green Guru Gear’s selection here 

Reusable Notebook

Reusable Notebook

Whether you’re shopping for an art student, a STEM major, or one that just likes taking handwritten notes, we promise they’ll be excited to receive a reusable notebook. 

The Rockektbook reusable notebook allows you to write in them, scan the page to your phone, erase, and repeat an unlimited number of times. Not only is this super fun to use, but it also saves paper and space and allows you to send your written notes, equations, or drawings straight to your phone or laptop. 

It makes studying, researching, and problem-solving so much easier and improves organization. What’s not to love? 

To check out all of Rocketbook’s products, click here 

Lap Desk

Lap Desk

A college student on a deadline will study anywhere. And we mean ANYWHERE!

The problem is, working from your lap is uncomfortable, and can even lead to physical pain. But a student can’t just stop working on the go, especially if they don’t have a desk in their dorm room, which is why a LapGear lap desk is the perfect gift they didn’t know they needed. 

These desks are designed with a hard surface for your laptop with a cushion underneath to place on your lap. Many of them are built at an angle for optimal positioning and even come with a built-in slot for your phone. 

The best part is, you can even get these lap desks in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your student’s personality. With so many configurations to choose from, you really can’t go wrong! 

Take a look at LapGear’s selection of lap desks here 

Snack or Meal Kit Subscription

Snack or Meal Kit Subscription

One of the biggest things college students miss when they move away is home-cooked meals. Without mom and dad to cook for them and overly busy schedules, a lot of students wind up eating takeout or a bowl of cereal for dinner most days. 

For students with a kitchen, a meal kit subscription is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Kits like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and EveryPlate offer healthy, pre-portioned meals that can be whipped up in no time regardless of experience level. 

It’s a fantastic way to keep your college student fed and teach them how to cook for themselves, all in an affordable package that’s delivered once a week. 

If your student is living the dorm life, they probably don’t have a kitchen. If that’s the case, you may want to consider sending them a monthly snack box instead. Services like Snack Crate and MunchPak will send your student a box filled with various snacks and munchies to help keep them going without breaking the bank.  

Reading Pillow

Reading Pillow

Whether your college student lives in a dorm or has a place with roommates off-campus, odds are they don’t have a lot of space for furniture. And, more likely than not, they wind up doing most of their reading, TV watching, and homework from the comfort of their bed. 

If you’ve ever just sat up in bed for long periods, you already know it can get uncomfortable fast. Luckily, a comfy reading pillow can make a huge difference by providing support for your back, arms, and neck. 

While there are tons of reading pillows to choose from online, if you really want to gift a nice one, look no further than the ZOEMO neck roll pillow. This pillow takes things to the next level with a rounded neck pillow at the top, creating added comfort and support. It also features a pocket on the armrest that’s the perfect size for a phone or TV remote. 

Click here to check out the ZOEMO neck roll pillow (which comes in several fun colors, by the way)! 

Electric Hot Pot

Electric Hot Pot

Everybody has to eat. And college students are often hungrier than most, without the luxury of an actual kitchen, stove, or air fryer (how do they live?!) to cook with. 

That’s why one of the absolute best gift ideas for college students is an electric hot pot. These handy little devices allow you to cook just about anything, and they’re allowed in most dorm rooms. 

With an electric hot pot, your college student can cook healthier foods with very little supplies or mess. This, in turn, will help them save money and allow them to have a warm, nutritious meal before midterms or the big game. 

There are tons of these handy little pots online to choose from, but Dezin tops them all with several sizes, designs, and fun colors to brighten up their dorm. They also make electric kettles so your student can heat water for tea or the classic collegiate favorite, ramen noodles. 

You can browse Dezin’s entire collection here

 Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise Canceling Headphones

Nobody goes to college expecting privacy. Dorms, classrooms, food courts, and even libraries, they’re all crowded with the hustle and bustle of people going about their day. It can be hard to hear yourself think sometimes. 

That’s why a pair of noise-canceling headphones or earbuds is always such a welcome gift for a college student. Not only can it help them find a moment of “me time,” but it can also improve their focus when trying to study by blocking out everything going on around them. Not to mention, it allows them to catch up on video lectures while on the go. 

If you’re looking for a quality pair of affordable noise-canceling headphones or earbuds, Soundcore is an excellent option. Coming with every feature and style you can think of, you’re guaranteed to find everything from foldable headphones to Bluetooth earbuds that can fit in your pocket. 

Browse the entire collection of Soundcore products here


EDC Items including a Geogrit Men Wallet - Summary Photography

College is fun, but it’s also a time of stress, hard work, and very little privacy. So, when it comes to gifts for college students, the best ones are usually those that can make their lives a little bit easier. 

From pop-up bed tents to reusable notebooks, the items on this list are guaranteed to make the college student in your life happy. But the GeoGrit wallet tops them all. 

Our minimalist wallet will protect their personal information without weighing them down, so they can focus on learning and having fun. Check out our entire collection at GeoGrit.com. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and follow our blog to keep up on all our latest content.
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