Beyond the Billfold: Exploring the Different Wallet Types

Beyond the Billfold: Exploring the Different Wallet Types

In a world where we rely on essentials like cash, cards, and identification, finding a wallet that keeps things secure – yet still stylish – is critical. 

The choices are endless – wallet types include everything from traditional leather billfolds, to RFID-blocking aluminum wallets, to those that stick to the back of your phone, and everything in between. 

With such a wide array of wallets designed for various needs, styles, and levels of organization, how are you supposed to know which is right for you?

Whether you're searching for the perfect everyday carry wallet, one meant for travel, or simply a stylish accessory to reflect your personality, this guide will take you through the various types of wallets to help you choose which is best for you.

Let’s dive in! 

Traditional Folding Wallet

We couldn’t write a guide about wallet types without starting with the traditional folding billfold. 

Everyone has had one of these at some point in their life. This classic wallet often comes in leather and has either a single fold or a trifold design. These wallets typically have plenty of space for cash, cards, and sometimes even have a clear ID window.  

These wallets are easy to organize and go well with any style. The only downside to the folding wallet is that it can be somewhat bulky to tote around, especially if you like to carry it in your pocket. 

Minimalist Wallet

The most low-profile wallet option of them all is the minimalist wallet, also known as a “slim wallet” or “front pocket wallet.” 

These tiny but mighty wallet types are a favorite among EDC enthusiasts. They’re unbeatable in terms of durability and longevity, and come in many stylish colors as well! 

Minimalist wallets are by far the most secure type of wallets out there, as they typically offer RFID blocking and are designed to be carried in your front pocket – out of reach from traditional and digital pickpockets alike. 

Minimalist Wallet - Geogrit Slim Wallet

A slim wallet comes with your choice of cash strap or money clip for your cash needs, but otherwise, it holds a limited amount of cards to help keep you organized and only carrying what you need (it might even inspire you to throw out that expired Taco Bell gift card). 

If you’re interested in carrying a minimalist wallet that’s made in America and is backed by a lifetime warranty, check out the GeoGrit collection here

Wrist Wallet

Combining fashion and functionality, the wrist wallet presents a convenient solution for those on the go. 

Crafted from soft and flexible fabrics, wrist wallets incorporate a zippered or Velcro compartment that wraps comfortably around the wrist. This both keeps your valuables in place and out of reach from passersby.  

This unique design allows you to store small valuables like cash, keys, or even a keycard securely while keeping your hands free for various activities like jogging, cycling, or shopping.

This type of wallet is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an on-the-go wallet, but it’s definitely not much in the way of style. 

Belt Wallet

If you’re an avid traveler, you probably already know all about belt wallets, which are also known as “money wallets” (clever, we know…). 

These wallets are connected to a strap and are designed to be worn around your neck or waist for added security while traveling. They are designed to be tucked into your clothing and typically come with a zipper to keep things from falling out. 

While they are pretty effective at preventing pickpocketing, the downside to these wallets is that they’re usually quite large and can be uncomfortable or difficult to hide if you’re on the smaller side or wear tighter clothing. 

Cell Phone Wallet

Phone Wallet attached to the back of an i-phone

One of the different types of wallets  that has become more popular in recent years is the cell phone wallet. 

These wallets are exactly what they sound like – wallets that are either built-in to a phone case or stick to the back of one. 

This is an incredibly convenient option if you’re the type of person who wants to carry as little as possible in their day-to-day life. These wallets hold only a few cards, and maybe a little cash, and keep all your things on one device. 

The downside to these wallets is that they’re lacking in security. Things sometimes fall out of them, and if you lose your phone, now your wallet goes with it. 

Passport Wallet

As the name suggests, the passport wallet, or travel wallet, caters specifically to the needs of globetrotters. 

With a sturdy and compact design, these wallets have designated compartments to keep passports, boarding passes, travel documents, currencies, and cards neatly organized. 

These types of wallets provide a convenient one-stop solution for international travelers, ensuring quick access to all essential items while on the move. If you’re a world traveler, this one’s a no-brainer – you need one! 

Zippered Wallet

If you like the feel of a more traditional wallet, but want an added layer of security, the zippered wallet might be for you. 

Usually crafted from materials like nylon, canvas, or other water-resistant fabrics, the zipper wallet offers a stylish and secure option. With multiple card slots, compartments, and a zippered coin pocket, this wallet excels at keeping items safe, preventing accidental spills, and providing peace of mind in daily use.

As a plus, these wallets often come in fun, colorful designs that really allow you to show off your personality. 

Neck Wallet

Ideal for travelers or individuals seeking discreet, hands-free storage, the neck wallet is designed for convenience and security. 

Exactly what it sounds like, the neck wallet is attached to a strap or lanyard that wraps around your neck to be carried in front of your body, or even tucked into a shirt or jacket. They’re often made from lightweight and breathable fabrics, and feature zippered compartments and pockets for all your essentials. 

With designated slots for passports, cash, credit cards, and important documents, neck wallets ensure valuable items are protected against loss or theft.

Though a great choice for travel, amusement parks, or other crowded places, these wallets are severely lacking in terms of style. They’re practical, but they aren’t pretty! 

Snap Wallet

Similar to the zipper wallet, the snap wallet offers a balance between security and ease of use. 

Coming in every material imaginable, these wallets incorporate a secure snap-button closure. This feature ensures quick access to the contents while maintaining a firm hold on cards and cash. 

With multiple card slots, bill compartments, and a zippered coin pocket, snap wallets strike a perfect equilibrium between practicality and style. 

Snap Wallet

Taxi Wallet

Specifically meant for short trips, the taxi wallet prioritizes convenience and quick access over all else. 

Its design includes a specialized coin pocket with a practical push-button closure. This dedicated compartment allows you to access and utilize coins for small transactions without the need to open the entire wallet, ensuring efficiency and ease during, you guessed it, taxi rides.

Even if you never take taxis, you can still benefit from a taxi wallet. These wallet types are also great for things like quick shopping errands, where you only need a few items. 

ID Wallet

The ID wallet focuses on simplicity and functionality and is specifically catered to those who frequently need to display their ID cards. 

Constructed with durable materials like synthetic leather or compact fabrics, it offers a transparent panel or a flip-out section dedicated to displaying IDs, such as driver's licenses or student IDs, without removing them from the wallet. 

With additional card slots and compartments, ID wallets keep all necessary cards, cash, and identification documents organized and easily accessible.


By understanding the unique features and benefits of the different wallet types on the market, you can make an informed decision based on your organizational needs, security concerns, and personal style. 

Whether you're seeking convenience during travel, a minimalist approach to daily essentials, or specialized compartments for specific items, there is a type of wallet out there for you.

If you’re interested in carrying a minimalist wallet that’s made in the USA, check out our entire collection at Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and follow our blog to keep up on all our latest content.
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