Best Way to Carry Coins with a Minimalist Wallet

Best Way to Carry Coins with a Minimalist Wallet

If you’ve recently upgraded to a nice, ultra-slim wallet, you’ve no doubt enjoyed the benefits of carrying less and simplifying your life. 

You can still carry plenty of cards, and there’s even a stylish cash strap or money clip to keep your bills securely in place. You’ve enjoyed showing off your new stylish wallet until one day a cashier drops a handful of change into your palm alongside your receipt. 

Now you’re left to wonder, where do you put coins in a minimalist wallet? 

The best way to carry coins in a slim wallet depends on your personal preference. Everything from donating it to tossing it in the center console of your car is a viable option. 

When you’re used to carrying cash, switching to a slim wallet can be a big “change.” (See what we did there?) But don’t worry: here are six of the best places to keep coins when you’ve made the switch to a minimalist wallet. 

1. Don’t

So, how do you keep coins in a slim wallet? The simplest answer is… don’t. 

The whole idea behind minimalism is to avoid dealing with excess items like nickels and dimes. Weighing yourself down with loads of coins kind of defeats the purpose, right? We get that change happens, but we also recommend shedding it as quickly as possible. 

Drop it in a tip jar, donate it to your nephew, or make a wish and toss it into a fountain… whatever you’ve got to do to keep it light. 

What not to do when carrying coins in a minimalist wallet

2. In Your Pockets

This may sound like a no-brainer, but if you have loose change and no space in your wallet, you may just have to tuck it into a pocket until you can offload it at home. 

A little tip to help you avoid jiggling like a spur-clad cowboy is to utilize your “watch pocket.” We’re referring to that little pocket that sits inside the larger pocket on the front of your pants. 

It’s not really good for much else, so you may as well keep a few pennies in that tiny pocket until you can either spend it or stash it elsewhere. If your pants don’t have pockets (looking at you, ladies) a jacket pocket works as well, especially if it has a zipper to keep things secure.

Just be sure that whichever pocket you decide to keep your change in is separate from where you keep your wallet – nobody wants to hear that annoying clinking. Besides, the change may scratch your new wallet over time, and separate pockets is an easy way to avoid that. 

3. In a Coin Purse

Did you know there are little pouches specifically designed to resolve the problem of how to carry change? That’s right – they’re called coin purses, and they, well, hold coins. 

If you’re already carrying a bag of some sort, tossing a little coin purse into it is a great way to keep everything contained. Plus, you can find all different styles of coin purses and turn your change problem into a fashion statement of sorts – it’s really a win-win. 

If the idea of carrying a dainty little coin purse is going to crimp your style, you can try an EDC organizer pouch instead. It’s the same idea, just more tactical. 

4. In Your Center Console

If you don’t have some loose change rolling around the center console of your vehicle, are you even human? 

All jokes aside, keeping coins somewhere in your vehicle is a pretty good solution to the issue of where to keep change with a slim wallet. Most of the time when you’re spending cash, you’re out and about and you’ll be hopping into your car after leaving the store anyway. 

Besides, you can always use the change you’ve accumulated to pay for tolls or a drive-thru burrito. 

Keeping them in your center console - Coins - Geogrit Minimalist Wallet

5. In That Extra Zipper Pouch in Your Bag

You know the one… every bag, purse, or backpack has a random, useless compartment. Most of us either leave these pouches empty or stuff something equally useless into them and forget about it. 

Why not put that spare compartment to good use by storing your loose change in it? It’s easy enough to dump your coins into the pouch on your way out of the convenience store, and you’ll feel more motivated to swing by the bank when it starts to feel like you’re lugging a brick around. It just makes “cents.” 

6. In an Old Coffee Canister 

No matter how you choose to carry coins while out and about, you’ll need a place to stash them when you get home. 

You could opt for a cute little piggy bank, but those are a dime a dozen. We suggest using your grandpa’s tried and true method – cut a hole in the top of an old coffee canister and watch your savings grow. 

Once the canister is full, take it to the bank to swap it for cash or deposit it into your account. You can even use this method to save for that new golf club you’ve been eyeing. 


Lady keeping her minimalist wallet on her front jacket pocket - Generic Image

There is no right or wrong answer to the best way to carry coins in a minimalist wallet. It all comes down to how much change you deal with on a regular basis and what you plan to do with it (inspirational, we know). 

Everything from giving it away to carrying it in a different container to storing it somewhere for later use is a great way to handle loose coins. We’d love to see your creative solution to this question, so be sure to tag us on social media with a picture of your system! 

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